European music
In addition to general culture, music education is a building block of knowledge. Music is a tool that allows you to develop your memory, your self-esteem or your concentration. It is an approach that allows listening to the other. It is also a look to go towards an individual creation.

Discover here all the actions carried out around music !

Christmas Concert

Primary school Starše (OŠ Starše)/December 21, 2018

A concert of two choirs (OŠ Starše and POŠ Marjeta) with guests from Austria was held in the church of St. John the Baptist in Starše. By singing Christmas songs children were telling a story about Christmas bears. Christmas bears had a special Role on Christmas eve, their responsibility was not to let anyone spend Christmas eve alone. Selected music programme and the sweet sound of children’s voices took us to magical Christmas time. Time of great joy, pleasant chatting, wonderful memories, scent of cinnamon in the air, love, and of course singing. We concluded the concert with world’s best-known Christmas song Holy Night, which invited everybody to sing along.


The children of the school Clos Perrine will go in February at the Rouen Opera. They will sing with the artists during the show.
According to Georges Bizet’s Carmen
Adapted from Bizet’s famous score, this participatory opera makes Carmen the star of a circus. On the track for this eternal story of love and freedom!