ESTONIA 06/05/2019 -09/05/2019

Second project planning meeting was held in Kohtla- Järve, Estonia, in May. All partner schools sent representatives to the meeting. They arrived on Sunday 05/05 and left on Friday 10/05.

Monday 06/05: A headmaster and a project manager met partners at school. Children prepared a short welcoming concert with dances and songs. After that, a headmaster showed partners a school and they could visit some classes. Then, all went to one of the most famous landmark of the region Mining Museum where everyone could get to know miners work and try a real mining lunch. After coming back, a major and an educational specialist told them about Kohtla- Järve and Estonian educational system. After that, partners came back to school where children had a sports event prepared by PE teachers and pupils while partners started discussing the project, future aims and topics. All the partners exchanged the paintings of impressionism that we agreed to draw last meeting in France.

Tuesday 07/05: At the beginning of a day, we had a short discussion of the project at school and after that, we went to Avinurme Village that is famous for its baskets weave tradition. Partners had a master class in a small but cozy museum, where they could not only to practice in weaving but also got to know a bit about Estonian ancient way of life and saw some stuffed animals which live in Estonian forests. At lunchtime, everyone could try Estonian traditional cuisine in the museum.

Wednesday 08/05: It was another cultural day, a trip to Narva with an excursion to Narva Stronghold the oldest and biggest stronghold in Estonia built in the 13-17th century, creating together with the Ivangorod Stronghold on the opposite shore of the River of Narva a unique architectural ensemble in Northern Europe. Then, we walked through Narva promenade that goes along a border of Russia, took some pictures of Narva College and Town Hall and spent time shopping in Fama Centre. After that, we went to Narva-Jõesuu coast.

Thursday 09/05: We started this day at school with a discussion of the next meeting in Portugal. They presented the plan of the meeting (see below). We determined the dates of the meeting in Greece and Slovenia. We decided to make an electronic dictionary with the basic phrases and words belonging to the Art topic (a list of words is below). We all had lunch at school canteen. In the afternoon, there was a farewell concert with the performance of the “Wizard of Oz” extract and partners sang songs (Slovenia and Greece) and showed us very beautiful modern and national dances (France, Portugal and Greece) where all could dance. After that, we went to Valaste Waterfall (more than 30m high), located on the Ontika limestone cliff – the highest waterfall in Estonia and Toila Oru Park. To finish our meeting we ended up in one national tavern in Jõhvi.

We decided:
1) 12 pictures of the project (6 of the project + of activities)
2) a dictionary (pictures and sounds)
3) to put a logo of the project on the windows of school building
4) to prepare national handmade and song or a dance for the next meeting in Portugal
5) to work with a project website (to put all the reports and newsletters here)

C3 Meeting in Portugal: At school from Monday 07/10 to Thursday 10/10 – Travel on Saturday 05/10 or Sunday 06/10, return on Friday 11/10. All the partners travel with children. Adults will accommodate at the hotel and children in families. The numbers of people in attendance still be to precise.

C4 Meeting in Greece: At school from Monday 23/03/2020 to Thursday 26/03/2020 – Travel on Saturday 21/03 or Sunday 22/03, return on Friday 27/03. Children with teachers are at the hotel.

C5 Meeting in Slovenia: At school from Monday 01/06/2020 to Thursday 04/06/2020 – Travel on Saturday 30/06 or Sunday 01/06, return on Friday 05/06.

Actions in June/July/August/September in each school
 Teachers organize cultural activities in local sites.
 Each school will write his part of the newsletters: to write a souvenir of the meeting, with a photo to illustrate it.
 Fill in the electronic dictionary and a questionnaire.
 Work with a website.
 Children who will go in Portugal prepare a national song, dance and handicraft.

The program in Portugal
For the Children
• Welcome by the local authorities. + adults
• Presentation of the establishment. + adults
• Participation in class : half days with Portuguese students. Participation in school activities.
• Children take photos for the report.
• Visit of local landmarks
• Discover the education system.
• Observation in classes.
• Working times.
• Visit of the local landmarks
A precise schedule will be sent during summer holidays.

That will be at the hotel for adults and children will stay in host families.

Nice to meet you
You are welcome
Thank you/ thanks
How are you?
I am fine
How old are you?
What is your name?
My name is…
Where do you come from?
I am from…
How is the weather?
Enjoy your meal
Shadows theatre
Art gallery