OŠ Starše / June 6, 2019

Pupils from grades 1 to 4 at the Marjeta Primary School went to different parts of our beautiful Slovenia. Thus, the first-graders visited our oldest Slovenian town, Ptuj, where they visited Ptuj Castle and its rich museum collection. The second-graders drove a little further to Celje, where they visited the children’s museum Herman’s den. There they visited the exhibition Earth Dance (this is an exhibition about the Earth) and the Toy Blog, which represents over 400 toys of the Slovenian and international space of different time periods. The workshop produced a postcard with pictures that mark Herman’s lair. https://www.muzej-nz-ce.si/virtualni-sprehod/ The third-graders made their way to our capital, Ljubljana, where they moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and ascended to the mighty medieval fortress, Ljubljana Castle. On a guided tour, they learned about life in the past and compared it with today. Fourth-graders first targeted Olimje, which is located in the municipality of Podčetrtek. They visited the Minorite Monastery and a chocolate bar there, and then took the trail to Jelenov reef. The biggest attraction for children there is definitely deer, which can move freely in a fenced farm and can be fed with corn. After a good lunch, they drove towards Rogaška Slatina, where they walked to the well and looked at the place itself. The trip ended with a stop in Rogatec, where they visited an outdoor museum.