Les Jardins d’Étretat is a public avant-garde experimental garden, creative laboratory, open-air museum of contemporary art. 
Les jardins d’ETRETAT is a public avant-garde experimental garden, creative laboratory and open-air museum of contempory art.

In 1905, Madame Thébault, then a famous actress, planted a first tree on one of the cliffs of Étretat. This is the first step that will lead more than a century later to the creation of the Jardins d’Étretat.

The internationally renowned landscape architect, Alexandre Grivko, was inspired by the flora of the Normandy coast to draw a complex and fascinating course of plant sculptures. A collection of contemporary art, which fits perfectly in the architecture of the garden, paces the visitor’s journey and allows to harmoniously interweave the work of the hand of man and that of nature. The Jardins d’Étretat take place in different spaces, each with a charm of its own, but united by one and the same inspiration. This is why, whatever the angle of view, it is the impression of the strong unity of an overall pattern that dominates. The gardens finally offer the visitor an exceptional opening on the landscape which surrounds them, revealing to him an impregnable perspective on the sea, the beach and the cliffs.