“En roue libre” is a show at the crossroads of the arts of six artists gathered on the same stage offering a multidisciplinary show around the theme of passing time, symbolized by the wheel that rotates in perpetual motion.
Luc Moka, choreographer of the company Vice-Versa, feeds on the richness of the cultures of artists from various horizons. En roue libre is a creation focused on the encounter of these artists with different disciplines, who all dance around the symbolism of the rotating wheel.
In this creation, the choreographer underlines the creative impulse that the exchange of cultures can generate. The piece will feed on several forms, it will mix on the stage contemporary dance, hip-hop, theatre, beatbox, BMX, street dance, dance ball, acrobatic air circus.

This show is for 7 years old children and is an approach to contemporary dance for these spectators.