FRANCE    12/11/2018 -15/11/2018

First project planning meeting was held in Mannevillette, France, in November.  All partner schools sent representatives to the meeting.  They arrived on Sunday 11/11 and left on Friday 16/11.

Monday 12/11: First, the children welcomed the host in the playground with songs and flags. A small reception was organized indoor with the municipality, all the staff of the school, parents and a representative of our hierarchy. We received the visit of 2 journalists.

After, the partners spent the end of the morning at school, visiting classes.    At lunchtime, everyone ate in the school restaurant.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the afternoon was an outdoor activity with one group of French children. They discovered the garden of Etretat.

The end of the day was devoted to a working meeting on our project. (Minutes join).  We looked power points (presentations of schools and countries) of all countries. We worked with Simon Leroux on the website project.

The evening was a meeting with a part of the children’s families. They prepared the dinner for 90 persons.

Tuesday : 13/11, we began the morning by a visit in a school in Le Havre. Back to school around 10.30, we continued the meeting with the children of the school in the older classes.

At lunchtime, everyone ate in the school restaurant.

The first part of the afternoon was a working meeting in the school. We worked on the project to agree plans and priorities for the month ahead (minutes join).  We voted to determine the final logo of the project.

In the end of the afternoon, the children made a painting workshop with Cyril Plate. Adults took part in a conference tour on Impressionism at the Malraux museum in Le Havre.

Wednesday : A day without school. We started the morning by a city tour in Le Havre, conference visit on the history of Le Havre. After, we went to Honfleur, lunch at the restaurant and visit an artist’s house ‘’La Forge’’.

Thursday 15/11: The beginning of the day was a working time. We dealed with any remaining administrative matters. We worked on the program up to the next meeting: activities, supports, takes of each schools and pupils. The Estonian team presented the organization of the meeting in their country. (Minutes join).

The rest of the morning was devoted to a dance workshop; the partners practiced this activity themselves with their students and a group of pupils of the school.

At lunchtime, everyone ate in the school restaurant.

The afternoon, we finished the meeting by a little show (dance) of our pupils. The Greek students present traditional dance and a ballet, a Slovenian student present a ballet. )

We went back to school to say good bye to all the staff.

We ate together for the farewell dinner; a part of the deputies was with us.




The Polish school has withdrawn, so we decided to distribute the mobilities planned for this meeting on the other countries.

2019, Mai 06 to 09 in Estonia:  all the partners will travel with children. At school from Monday 06/05 to Thursday 09/05 – Travel on Saturday 04 or Sunday 05, return on Friday 10/05.

The numbers of people in attendance still be to precise.

2019, October in Portugal : all the partners will travel with children. At school from Monday 07/10 to thursday 10/10 – Travel on Saturday 05/10 or Sunday 06/10, return on Friday 11/10.

The date of the two others meeting will be precise in May in Estonia.

2020, April before the holidays in Greece.

Beginning of June 2020 in Slovenia.

 The objectives of our partnership are explained: create a unifying event and training around an original and cultural approach. Each school will set up a cultural path around his school.

We decided

  • The ETwinning space will be use to exchange the products, to inform the public. (Slovenian team manage it)
  • The 1rst newsletters will be manage by the French team: each country write a peace for the paper.
  • The photobook will be made by the French team. All the partners will send around 40 photos (10 per days).
  • For the end of the year, we make cards and send to the others.
  • We will practice video conference.
  • French team is in charge of the finalization of the logo. It’s a mix of a Portuguese and a Greek drawing.
  • The French team will send the French version of the evaluation; each school will translate in his own language.
  • Write on the twinspace the exact address of each establishment.
  • To exchange letters between children.


Actions in December/January/February, March, April In each school

  • Teachers organize cultural activities in local sites.
  • Each school will write his part of the newsletters: to write a souvenir of the meeting, with a photo to illustrate it.
  • Children who will go in Estonia prepare a song to integrate in the story ‘’the wizard of Oz’’, they will present them during the meeting.
  • Children who will go in Estonia will come with an impressionist painting exhibition. (5 or 6 pictures)
  • In May, we will present the evolution of our work to the others.


The program in Estonia

For the Children

  • Welcome by the local authorities. + adults
  • Presentation of the establishment. + adults
  • Participation in class : half days with Estonian students. Participation in school activities (mathematics, English, sport).
  • Children take photos for the report.
  • Visit of local sites


  • Discover the education system.
  • Observation in classes of math activities, languages, sports.
  • Working times.
  • Visit of the local site

A precise schedule will be sent after the Christmas holidays.


That will be at the hotel for everyone (adults and children), it’s not possible in the families. The Estonian teacher wanted to know quickly how many persons will go to this meeting. The hotel is small and they must book in advance.