Discovering European Art and Culture


FRANCE    12/11/2018 -15/11/2018

PROJECT N° : 2018-1-FR01-KA229-048077

Newsletter 1  


In August the European Committee approved our application for funding the Project : Discovering European Art and Culture.

Our pupils and staff in France will be working in collaboration with schools in Slovenia, Estonia, Greece and Portugal.

The institutions want to create a unifying and formative event around an original and cultural approach so each institution will set up an annual cultural workshops or events involving students and teachers (digital document available). The workshops will then be pooled to make a single document. This final product will be presented in a digital form with thematic entries: dance, architecture, visual arts, photos, video, theater. Each theme will be developed by the partner schools. This project will contribute to the development of social and civic competences, taking social interactions into account during the conduct of operations. Students will develop and accept individual and collective rules.

In addition there will be opportunities for teachers to engage in a professional dialogue with colleagues in Europe, to share ideas and work colaboratively. Pupils and staff will learn from partners working in a range of contexts in Europe.

We will also invite local artists and musicians into our schools, drawing on the expertise within our communities.

We will integrate all the actions of the local institutions in order to increase sharing ideas and experiences.This will enrich our curriculum and enhance.

Our project will provide a real context to develop skills in ICT and communication. The partner schools will use modern technologies to collaborate and share outcomes (e.g. e mail, digital camera, CDs, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations).